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Advocacy at the State Level

The Brain Injury Association participates in advocacy efforts on behalf of the brain injury community by participating in the Brain Injury Coalition and serving in an advisory capacity on policy issues.


Brain Injury Coalition

The Pennsylvania Brain Injury Coalition is a collaborative effort among individuals with brain injury, family members, the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, the Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society.  The Coalition has established caucuses in both the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania Senate, and works to keep them informed of legislative and policy issues that affect individuals with brain injury and their families.


Andy Dinniman is the Senate Caucus while Representatives Tim Briggs, Thomas Murt and Tina Pickett are serving as the co-chairs of the House Caucus. Please check back for an updated list of Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives who have agreed to participate in the rebuilding of the Pennsylvania Brain Coalition Caucus.  You can find your state legislators at

Current Legislative Priorities

HB 400 - Bill to expand the Emergency Medical Services Act to increase funding for the Pennsylvania Head Injury Program

HB 1176 - Bill to develop a concussion protocol for use by the police.

Current Policy Issue

Transition of Long Term Services and Supports to Managed Care:  Community Health Choice.