Shout Out!

"I’m very thankful for my family’s support ever since my terrible car accident. My Mom, Helene, and my Dad, Bill, are always more than willing to help me with my physical and emotional needs.  My 3 siblings, Bryna, Aidan, and Liam have helped me by treating me the way they always have, but yet, aiding with my physical needs.  As my family is continuing to grow, I am also thankful for the helpfulness of my brother-in-law Greg and my sister-in-law Christiana."
- Kiera P

Kiera and her family


"In the spring of 2021 I asked Kiera if I could serve as a literary advisor to her. She agreed and we have had an active writing-based relationship since then. What I did not anticipate is that we would build a close friendship. What is more, Kiera is a blessing to me.

My wife of 44 years, Irene Bradley, had multiple catastrophic impairments for 24 years. This including a TBI. She lived at home and I worked full time. The stresses and strains on the family caregiver from that experience do not vanish immediately after the death of your sweetheart. Kiera, as have many of our TBI community, has taught me that you should embrace those challenges and not try to run from them. I am a better person due to Kiera’s strength and kindness.

Kiera has already authored poems and stories that will become iconic. She is hilariously funny. Our teasing is nonstop fun. (Wait a second. All of that teasing is directed at me! And well deserved. I adore that also)."

- Patrick G


Patrick & Irene, 1974