Education and Training

The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania provides the following education and training services. 


For more information, contact Monica Vaccaro, Director of Programs, at


  • Brain Injury Basics – Education about the brain, how it works, what happens after brain injury – suited for community groups who do not specifically work with people with brain injury but who want a better understanding about brain injury. This is a 1 hour seminar, delivered at your location

  • CBIS Preparation Course – 12 hours of instruction from a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer, in preparation for taking the National CBIS Certification Exam –see . Covers brain physiology, cognitive and behavior challenges after brain injury, problems families face, pediatric brain injury, legal and ethical issues, and philosophy of brain injury rehabilitation. Course can be delivered in 2 full day segments or 4 half day sessions. Course is delivered virtually with recorded content and live question and answer sessions with trainers.  Cost to apply for and take CBIS National Certification Exam is additional and is paid to the Brain Injury Association of America.

  • Brain Injury 101, 201, 301 – more advanced and customized Training Programs for those actually working with people who have had brain injury. Covers managing challenging behaviors, developing cognitive strategies, developing environmental supports and cues, and methods for implementing productive daily activity patterns.

  • Brain Injury Consultation Service – to provide follow-up on Education and Training Courses, to provide review of cases for which consultation is requested, and to provide Brain Injury Supervision to staff who are working with people with acquired brain injury.

  • NeuroResource Facilitation Service – to provide high level planning and care management services for individuals, families, and organizations and setting up both public and private resources systems that will help support the individual with brain injury in the best ways possible over the long term.