Caregiver Resources

Caring for someone with a brain injury is often challenging. There can be a lot to learn, a lot to manage, and a lot of work.   If you are a caregiver for someone who has a brain injury, please know that you are not alone. Here are some resources that focus on a caregiver’s needs.

This multimedia project offers authoritative information and support to anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury or PTSD. It also includes an area devoted to Caregivers.

Sections include:

Caregiver Basics                  Health and Self-Care
Family Relationships          Legal and Finances
Caregiver Emotions           Military Caregiving
Staying Positive                  Caregiver Personal Stories & Blogs

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Brain Injury Resource Line (BIRL)
BIAPA’s Brain Injury Resource Line (BIRL) is designed to give resource information to all who call. A call to this number will connect you to a recording that invites you to leave your telephone number (including area code). These calls are then assigned to a volunteer who will return the call and provide resource information. The goal of our BIRL volunteers is to return all calls within three work days.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Dr. Ann Marie McLaughlin demonstrates a progressive muscle relaxation exercise, which can serve as a coping strategy.