New Caregiver Support Group Begins January 11

BIAPA President Ann Marie McLaughlin announced the establishment of a Virtual Caregiver Support group in a message focusing on BIAPA’s appreciation of the unique needs of individuals caring for those with a brain injury and BIAPA’s commitment to serve those members of Pennsylvania’s Brain Injury Community.

We hear you and we are here for you!  BIAPA’s mission includes maximizing “the quality of life for those with brain injury and their families.”  In the last year, we have enhanced our support to Survivors across the commonwealth by offering a monthly virtual Survivor Support Group.   We have also turned our attention to the needs of Caregivers.   We completed a caregiver survey at our recent conference and we recently hosted a Focus Group during which Caregivers discussed their needs and goals, while also offering suggestions about how BIAPA can help.  

From the BIAPA Focus Group and additional research into caregiver burden, we have concluded that Caregivers need to feel hope, to be able to plan for the future, and to have their questions answered.  As a first step in BIAPA’s efforts to enhance support for Caregivers, BIAPA will host our first Caregiver Support Group on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 6 -7 p.m. via Zoom.  This will be a monthly, virtual meeting for Caregivers across Pennsylvania.  

BIAPA Board member Tim Mueller and Program Coordinator Meghan Walsh-Farrell will facilitate the group, which will include coordinating presentations on specific topics of interest that the group may identify. We realize that Caregivers may delay or neglect self-care due to the many demands they are managing. This group will be a time for Caregivers to share their experiences, learn from others, and focus on coping.  If you are a Caregiver, please plan to be a part of this group!  Over the coming months, you will be receiving reminders and the link to participate BIAPA’s Caregiver Support Group, a time for you!

Ann Marie McLaughlin, Ph.D.