2019 Conference Handouts

Opening Keynote
Weasilience: Handling Life's Wild Moments
Carole Starr

Session 1
This is Rehab: Martial Arts as a Therapeutic Intervention
Maggie Hackman & Brennan Ganteaume

Session 2
I Am Not Me: Emotional Adjustment after Concussion/Mild Brain Injury
Ann Marie McLaughlin

Session 3
Meditation Not Just for Life, but for Brain Health
Christine Lawrence

Session 4
Artistic Depiction of Emotional Consequences of Brain Injury (6-23-19)
Heather Brossman & Sally Kneipp

Session 5
Applying Principles and Practices of Person-Center Thinking in Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Stefani Eichelberger  Sally Kneipp

Session 6
Neurological Manifestation of Psychological Symptoms: A Case Study
Erica Devery

Session 7
Let's Get Together: The Opportunities & Challenges of Group Therapy After Brain Injury
William Gardner

Session 8
Creating Infrastructure for Marginalized Persons with Brain Injury: From Identification to Community Living
Madeline DiPasquale, Monica Vaccaro & Chris Von Zubin

Session 9
Unlock Potential Through Planning: Benefits, Waivers, Guardianship & Estate
Branden Sacks, Brittney Yanchek & Alissa Gorman

Session 10
Use of a Structured Problem-Solving Approach After a Traumatic Brain Injury
Jordan Kurland

Session 11
The Road to Recovery: A Model for Group Therapy after Traumatic Brain Injury
Shelley Slott, Meghan Schafer, Jacklyn Kolano & Krupa Desai

Session 12
Brain Injury & Addiction: A Cognitive Rehabilitation Approach
Jennifer Urbine

Session 13
Celebrate Success: Survivor's Describe Their Brain Injury Rehab Process, Their Strategies and Successes
Ann Marie McLaughlin & Survivor Panelists

Session 14
The Clinicians' Guide to Purposeful Rounding
Beth Anne Unger & Amy Monroe

Session 15
Three Innovative Rehab Programs to Promote Recovery Following Brain Injury
Kelli Williams, William Leiner, Areli Pellegrino & Thomas McCurnin

Session 16
Utility of a Virtual Voice Assistance for Individuals with TBI: Applications, Limitations & Considerations
Tim Makatura & Tina Bunyaratapan

Dementia after Traumatic Brain Injury: What is the Pathology?
Dr. Ramon Diaz-Arrastia

Session 17
Triage Considerations for Optimal Recovery in Concussion Patients
Elizabeth Anne Rohrer & Dale R. Walton

Session 18
Brain Injury in Older Adults
MJ Schmidt, Monica Vaccaro & Julie Myers

Session 19
Post Traumatic Amnesia Protocol: An Interdisciplinary Approach in the Acute Rehab Setting
Elizabeth Marcy, Stephanie Farm & Debbie Presuti

Session 20
Endophenotypes of Traumatic Brain Injury: Biomarkers Will Guide Novel Therapies
Dr. Ramon Diaz-Arrastia

Session 21
Songwriting & Lyric Analysis in Music Therapy
Kathleen Lyons

Session 22
Healing Through Spirituality: Introduction of Chaplain Services to TBI/ABI Rehabilitation
Karen Rosenberger, Brandon Grasso & Paul Aukland

Tuesday Lunch Plenary
Community Health Choices - The New Waiver Program for Pennsylvania
Amy Lowenstein, PA Health Law Project

Tuesday PM Plenary
Medical Marijuana: Cannabinoids and Cranial Injuries
Dr. Leonard Kamen