2018 Conference Presentation Handouts

2018 Conference Presentations Handouts

Presentations from the 2018 Conference can be accessed by clicking here and using Dropbox to view the presentations.

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Sunday, June 24th

Opening Keynote Speaker:  Grace Damman, M.D., Mark Lipman, Filmaker
Title:  Traumatic Brain Injury (and Then Some):  Insights from the Recovery Process

Monday, June 25th

Monday Keynote Speaker:  JJ Virgin
Title:  You Are Stronger Than You Think

Session 1:
Best Practices in Assessment and Treatment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Speaker:  Maximillian Shmidheiser

Session 2:
A Practical Guide for the Successful Caregiver
Speakers:  Frances Musto and SuAnn Chen

Session 3:
Age of Connection:  Ethical & Clinical Implications of Social Media and the Electronic Age
Speaker:  James Corbin

Session 4:
Managing the Agitated TBI Patient:  An Interdisciplinary Case Study
Speakers:  Angela Hathaway & Jack Baker

Session 5:
Brain Injury Research Rounds: Current Evidence Based PracticesBrain Injury Research Rounds: Current Evidence Based Practices
Speaker:  Jessica Chappell

Session 6:
Songwriting in Music Therapy:  Expressing Hope
Speaker:  Linda Marston-Burk

Session 7:
The Application of Naturalistic Instruments for Assessment of Functional Cognition of Individuals with Brain Injuries
Speaker: Evan Knutson

Session 8:
Preparing for Work:  Resources & Opportunities for Youth with Brain Injury
Speakers:  MJ Schmidt, Drew Nagele & Dana Raciti

Session 9:
Coping with Substance Abuse and Living Well
Speakers:  Ann Marie McLaughlin & Survivor Panelists

Session 10:
Protracted Concussion Symptoms in Pediatric Populations: The role of Neuropsychology and Psychoeducation
Speaker:  Hilary Murphy

Session 11:
Yoga & Mediation for TBI:  Evidence, Innovations, & Was Forward
Speakers:  Kyla Pearce, Amanda Lyons & Carolyn Murphy

Session 12:
Dementia Following TBI:  Re-thinking Rehabilitation Strategies
Speaker:  Christina Catanzaro

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tuesday Breakfast Plenary

Agitation after Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Concepts of Pathophysiology, Assessment & Treatment
Plenary Speaker:  Brian Greenwald, MD

Session 13:
Community Health Choices - The New Waiver Program for Pennsylvania
Speaker:  David Gates

Session 14:
Can Mindfulness Meditation Help Mood, Attention & Sleep in Persons with TBI?
Speaker:  Karen Rosenberg

Session 15:
Making Traumatic Brain Injuries Less Traumatic:  How My Role Models Taught Me How to Live Empowered with a TBI
Speaker:  Grace Cipressi

Session 16:
Returning to Learn After Brain Injury:  College Students & Strategies for Organization, Learning, & Self-Advocacy
Speakers:  Madeline DiPasquale & Caitlin Waard

Session 17:
Prescription for Better Training:  Learning & Development Strategies for Brain Injury Organizations
Speaker:  Peter Wright

Session 18:
Overcoming the Challenges of Aging with a Traumatic Brain Injury
Speaker:  Sarah Fisher

Tuesday Lunch:
Strength in Numbers:  Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Speakers:  AJ Murray & Cynthia McFadden

Closing Session:
From Challenges to Change: Making the Most of your Conference Experience
Speaker:  Madeline DiPasquale