BIAPA mourns the passing of Administrator Kara Latshaw

The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania is heartbroken as we inform you of the passing of Kara Latshaw, longtime Administrator for the association.  Known to many for her enthusiasm and support for individuals with brain injury and their families, Kara consistently went far beyond her official role to guide BIAPA and its members.  She was our planner, our cheerleader, our wise advocate. 

No task was beyond Kara’s ability or deep commitment to support our mission and vision.   She creatively problem-solved issues; she worked collaboratively with staff, survivors, and their families; and she displayed organizational skills that allowed BIAPA to grow in securing grants and contracts to develop programs.   Many will remember Kara for her strong advocacy efforts in planning our annual conference and assuring that survivors and their families were able to attend through scholarship support.   This past year she also collaborated with the PA Department of Health and BIAPA staff to support several community programs in their pursuit of projects to provide services to the brain injury community.  Consistent with her generous spirit, Kara also volunteered for various organizations in her community in Millersburg, PA. 

Sadly, Kara was diagnosed with lymphoma in May 2020, and even from her hospital bed, she continued to make decisions and provide leadership.   We express our sincere condolences especially to her mother- Pat – and her children – Audra and Nate -, who were regular workers at the annual conference and experienced first-hand Kara’s devotion to BIAPA and its objectives.  We have also been touched by the kindness of her sister Dannel and her brother Steve who have supported BIAPA even in their grief.   It’s hard to bring this message to an end because there can be no end to our love and gratitude for all that Kara did for, and meant to, BIAPA.   Our ongoing work in support of the brain injury community will serve as a lasting tribute to Kara, our leader, our friend, whom we will miss greatly.

You can read more about Kara’s life and memorial plans here:

Ann Marie McLaughlin
Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania