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BIAPA Honors Nine at the 2019 Conference

At its 2019 Conference in June, the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania honored nine people for their inspiration, commitment leadership and service to the Association and the brain injury community.

The Leadership Award, which recognizes an individual, agency, or group of individuals for far-reaching impact on the field of brain injury rehabilitation, was presented to Nicole L. Adams.

The Direct Service Award, which honors staff members who provide exemplary service to individuals with brain injury, was presented to Teresa Falmini, BS, CTRS, CBIS & Melanie Eldridge.

The Barb Dively Advocacy Award, named for the late Executive Director of the Acquired Brain Injury Network, recognizes an individual who is a true advocate and champion for the rights of those who have experienced a brain injury and their families. The 2019 recipient is Denis J. Byrne.

The Pioneer in Brain Injury Award is presented to an individual whose initiative, expertise, and creativity have led to the development of services and supports in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. The 2019 recipient is Carolyn Cass.

The Service to the Association Award, which honors a person who has, through volunteerism, fundraising, and other efforts, supported the mission and vision of the BIAPA, was presented to Anne Sears.

The John Sears Inspiration Award, named for artist, teacher and brain injury survivor John Sears, is presented to an individual who has striven to overcome significant challenges and who has utilized their talents and strengths to achieve significant personal achievement. Marissa Witman.

The Dennis Minori Family Tribute Award recognizes the constant and overwhelming support provided by a family to their loved one that also benefits others in the brain injury community. The award is named for the former BIAPA President Dennis Minori, who dedicated himself to improving the lives of those with brain injuries. The 2019 Award was presented to Ev & Ann Keech Family.

The Organization Award, which recognizes an organization whose efforts to improve the lives of persons with brain injury have been clearly evident and have contributed to exemplary service delivery and support, was presented to the RESTART Your Life/RENEW Your Mind.

The Service to the Brain Injury Community, which recognizes an individual who has made a long-term, fundamental and positive impact on the lives of people who have sustained a brain injury and their families, was presented to Melissa Carmen.