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2018 Conference Presentation Handouts

2018 Conference Presentations Handouts

Presentations from the 2018 Conference can be accessed by clicking here and using Dropbox to view the presentations.

Sunday, June 24th

Opening Keynote Speaker:  Grace Damman, M.D., Mark Lipman, Filmaker
Title:  Traumatic Brain Injury (and Then Some):  Insights from the Recovery Process

Monday, June 25th

Opening Keynote Speaker:  JJ Virgin
Title:  You Are Stronger Than You Think

Session 1:
Best Practices in Assessment and Treatment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Speaker:  Maximillian Shmidheiser

Session 2:
A Practical Guide for the Successful Caregiver
Speakers:  Frances Musto and SuAnn Chen

Session 3:
Age of Connection:  Ethical & Clinical Implications of Social Media and the Electronic Age
Speaker:  James Corbin

Session 4:
Managing the Agitated TBI Patient:  An Interdisciplinary Case Study
Speakers:  Angela Hathaway & Jack Baker

Session 5:
Brain Injury Research Rounds: Current Evidence Based PracticesBrain Injury Research Rounds: Current Evidence Based Practices
Speaker:  Jessica Chappell

Session 6:
Songwriting in Music Therapy:  Expressing Hope
Speaker:  Linda Marston-Burk

Session 7:
The Application of Naturalistic Instruments for Assessment of Functional Cognition of Individuals with Brain Injuries
Speaker: Evan Knutson

Session 8:
Preparing for Work:  Resources & Opportunities for Youth with Brain Injury
Speakers:  MJ Schmidt, Drew Nagele & Dana Raciti

Session 9:
Coping with Substance Abuse and Living Well
Speakers:  Ann Marie McLaughlin & Survivor Panelists

Session 10:
Protracted Concussion Symptoms in Pediatric Populations: The role of Neuropsychology and Psychoeducation
Speaker:  Hilary Murphy

Session 11:
Yoga & Mediation for TBI:  Evidence, Innovations, & Was Forward
Speakers:  Kyla Pearce, Amanda Lyons & Carolyn Murphy

Session 12:
Dementia Following TBI:  Re-thinking Rehabilitation Strategies
Speaker:  Christina Catanzaro

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Agitation after Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Concepts of Pathophysiology, Assessment & Treatment
Plenary Speaker:  Brian Greenwald, MD

Session 13:
Community Health Choices - The New Waiver Program for Pennsylvania
Speaker:  David Gates

Session 14:
Can Mindfulness Meditation Help Mood, Attention & Sleep in Persons with TBI?
Speaker:  Karen Rosenberg

Session 15:
Making Traumatic Brain Injuries Less Traumatic:  How My Role Models Taught Me How to Live Empowered with a TBI
Speaker:  Grace Cipressi

Session 16:
Returning to Learn After Brain Injury:  College Students & Strategies for Organization, Learning, & Self-Advocacy
Speakers:  Madeline DiPasquale & Caitlin Waard

Session 17:
Prescription for Better Training:  Learning & Development Strategies for Brain Injury Organizations
Speaker:  Peter Wright

Session 18:
Overcoming the Challenges of Aging with a Traumatic Brain Injury
Speaker:  Sarah Fisher

Tuesday Lunch:
Strength in Numbers:  Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Speakers:  AJ Murray & Cynthia McFadden

Closing Session:
From Challenges to Change: Making the Most of your Conference Experience
Speaker:  Madeline DiPasquale