2018 Conference Posters

2018 Conference posters can be accessed by clicking here and using our Dropbox to view the posters.

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2018 Posters

Facilitating CogSMART with a Therapeutic Activities Group - Heather Brossman

On the Other Side of the Fence:  A Look at Equestrian Therapy
- Megan Dissinger & Julie Schlauch

The Decline of American Football
? -  Catharine Farnan Kennedy

Cognitive Impairment & Diabetes
- Catharine Farnan Kennedy

Horticulture & Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy:  A Case Illustration
- Jodi Good

Preventing Caregiver Fatigue Following Traumatic Brain Injury
- Lisa Smith, Jolene Klotz, Donna Miller & Candice Urffer

Just Fight Foundation
- David Turner

New Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group in Westmoreland County
- Lily Zimmerman & Barb Fisher